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Canada Provincial Nominee Program – Everything you need to know

Immigration to Canada is one of the most sought-after immigration programs globally. With over 100,000 applicants vying to immigrate to Canada every year, Canada recognizes this growing number and has created different immigration platforms where prospective migrants to move under various immigration programs.

Since Canada is divided into territories and provinces, the government understands that each province or territory has specific needs to contribute positively to the Canadian economy in general. Because of these particular needs, each area may require special provisions for individuals willing to immigrate to Canada.

The Canadian government created the Provincial Nominee Program Visa to satisfy these unique requirements to fulfill each province or territory’s immigration needs.

What is the Provincial Nominee Program?

The Provincial Nominee Program is a Canadian immigration program created for Express Entry candidates to express their interest in provinces or territories in Canada. This Program informs the regions of their intention or willingness to be nominated to settle in these territories.

For individuals who want to immigrate to Canada under this Program, the provinces or territories will nominate individuals willing to live, settle, and work in their specific regions or territories. Under this Program, each area may have specific open positions in their labor market. Applicants are chosen from multiple streams to fill these vacancies when selecting recipients for this visa.

While choosing applicants, these territories also assess each individual’s intention to live and work in their province. Under the PNP, you can apply directly to the area or region, wait to be nominated, or choose the express entry-linked process.

Who can apply for the Provincial Nominee Program?

For a successful South African immigration to Canada, you need to know if you can apply for the Provincial Nominee Program Visa (PNP Visa). The Provincial Nominee Program’s application process is divided into two for the different types of applicants;

  • Skilled Worker Program: This PNP Visa selects skilled workers with job offers from local, provincial business, or business sectors that meet the local, regional immigration needs.
  • Business Immigration Program: This Provincial Nominee Program is also available for applicants who want to set up a new business, join an existing local business venture, or invest money in an existing local business.

As attractive and practical as the Provincial Nominee Program is for valuable sourcing skills and improving select economies, some provinces or territories do not have a provincial nominee program. In other cases, the provincial nominee programs they have are specific to their needs. Such areas include;

  • Quebec: The Province of Quebec does not have a PNP; instead, it sets its requirements for people who want to live, work, and settle in its province.
  • British Columbia: British Columbia created the BC PNP Tech pilot program as an expedited immigration pathway for people with tech skills applying to be permanent residents in British Columbia. 

Each province or territory has its streams. Like the express entry draws, applicants submit their profiles into each pool. Only when the applicant is nominated are they sent an invitation to apply.

Which areas attract the most immigrants?

It is easy for specific areas to attract more immigrants due to numerous factors such as diversity, employment opportunities, urbanization, language, healthcare, weather conditions, and cost of living.

In Canada, Toronto, Ontario takes the lead with its culturally-diverse population and tech growth. Next is Vancouver, British Columbia, whose weather conditions and public transport facilities rank next to none.

Montreal, Quebec, is third on the list for its affordability and all-embracing culture for skilled workers and immigrants.

What are the benefits of the Provincial Nominee Program?

If you have finally decided to immigrate to Canada, whether alone or to move to Canada from South Africa with your family – with the ultimate goal of becoming a permanent resident under the PNP, you should know the benefits of this visa.

A few benefits of choosing the Provincial Nominee Program include;

  • Faster processing time: Speed is one of the most essential aspects of immigrating to Canada. The PNP’s quick processing time of 2 to 3 months is a better choice for immigrants. 
  • Access to job offers: It is easier to get a job offer because you are already equipped with the skills needed in the province or territory.
  • Genuine route to permanent residence: A provincial nomination grants an easier route to permanent residency as the officials have already vetted you.
  • Better choice of immigration for applicants who don’t meet all the requirements for the Express Entry Program

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