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Is CISdesk a Scam?

No! CISdesk is not a scam and absolutely legit! 

Yearly, many prospective immigrants are swindled out of thousands of dollars by dubious agencies and consultants on the internet that promise successful immigration to Canada. The sad part is that they do not get their funds back or entirely lose interest in making a better way for themselves and their families.

Canada has over 50 immigration programs to choose from, and the need for having a registered consultant becomes necessary for the success of your application. With the overwhelming number of Canadian immigration services on the web, any prospective immigrant needs to verify how legitimate a Canadian immigration service and consultant is.

At CISdesk, we understand your need to search for only registered consultants and the need to verify our legitimacy as Canadian immigration service providers and consultants.

How to know that CISdesk is not a scam Canada immigration service provider?

Verify our consultant’s RCIC number:

Only Registered consultants are given an RCIC number. This number can be verified on the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council’s registry and shows if your immigration consultant is a registered member and can carry out immigration application and processing activities on your behalf.

Our consultant at CISdesk is registered and can carry out your Canada visa and immigration-related activities. You can request our consultant’s RCIC number for verification.

A regulated agent heads the RCIC department:

At CISdesk, we pride ourselves on delivering quality; this is why our RCIC department is headed by a registered consultant with a wealth of experience in Canadian immigration and citizenship law.

Our RCIC agents has successfully helped numerous immigrants and their families in their immigration to Canada and understands the processes and best practices for successful Canadian immigration.

Our competitive and fair pricing:

One thing to always look out for is the pricing for any Canadian immigration service. When a consultant or service has too good prices to be true, hiring that service is a red flag.

At CISdesk, our services are priced reasonably and according to industry standards. Our approach to pricing is also transparent, so you can rest assured that your entire immigration is in the right hands.

No hidden costs:

We understand that you may be conscious of your finances and have a specific amount budgeted for your entire immigration process. We also know that many immigration service providers charge a fair price, but during or after the process, you are charged a lot more than the initial agreement stated.

At CISdesk, our prices for our services are stated clearly, with no hidden costs accruable to you during or after the immigration process.

Services offered:

At CISdesk, we offer services that lead to successful Canadian immigration. From visa application, job search support, and international staffing to eligibility and joining selected pools, we offer legitimate services recognized and on track to securing a successful Canadian visa.

We also offer interview coaching services to simulate life immigration interview sessions to educate and inform our clients on the appropriate responses to different situations.

Video call services:

CISdesk offers video call sessions, through Skype and Zoom, with our registered consultants and immigration experts to inform you of any Canadian immigration practices, keep you updated on the changes in the visa approval processes, or answer any inquiries and requests you may have.

Sensitive information:

CISdesk understands that parting with your sensitive information on an unauthorized or unsecured platform can prove to be very risky for you. This is why all our payment platforms are safe and secured, and all the sensitive information required from you when filling out the immigration forms is handled correctly.

Available customer service:

Not reaching any customer service representative when you call your immigration service provider is a sure way to know that there is something wrong with them.

Our customer service representatives are always available to communicate with you when you have an inquiry or request. We believe in delivering a trustworthy and honest service to all our clients.

CISdesk provides various services that make it easy for you to verify our legitimacy or put a call across to our customer service team to ask us any questions that will put your mind at ease.

 We understand that immigrating to Canada is a long process, and falling for a scam service provider can lead to an overwhelming amount of loss.

This is why we understand your need to avoid scam Canada immigration services and consultants. We want to help filter the Canadian immigration atmosphere to leave only legitimate consultants too.

Trust and honesty are at the forefront of CISdesk values. We do not make any ambiguous promises that we cannot keep since we understand that the entire Canadian immigration system is ever-changing. We only provide services that lead you on a journey to a successful Canada visa/passport approval for you and your family.

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