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About Us - CIS Desk Agency in 155-2 King Street, Hamilton, Toronto, Canada

We are a team of full-service immigration consultants who are just as invested in helping as many immigrants move successfully to any province of their choice in Canada.

At CISdesk, we understand the numerous needs of immigrants. We also know the best processes to have successful immigration processes for our clients.

This is why we strive towards helping our clients develop their careers and train them to get the fastest and soothing process to get started in Canada. 

How do we do this?

We provide a one-on-one career training and coaching program to our clients that match the Canadian Federal Skilled Worker & Province Nominee Program requirement, which leads to an increase in the chances to obtain the visa faster. 

 This program can also draw the attention of numerous interested job recruitment agencies in Canada and employers to offer our clients positions in their organizations. These unoccupied positions have been caused by an outflow of older and retired workers, as documented by the Canadian government.

Our career development & coaching program that we offer is open to immigrants from every country.

We tap into this employment need and work towards helping our clients match the employment requirements in Canada, which speed up obtaining the right visa. 

At CISdesk, we continuously strive towards making sure that we accompany all our clients from their initial Canadian visa/ passport application to career development. We also work towards their successful immigration.

Our excellent customer service professionals and consultants are always ready to understand your needs and proffer their advice on any inquiries you may have.


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