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Top Canadian Visas

Many Canadian visas can be issued to you, depending on the reason for your visa application. Therefore, when applying, you should pick the visa that best fits the reason for your application. Our immigration experts at CISdesk are available to enlighten you on the best type of visa for your motive.

Federal Skilled Worker Visa

Federal Skilled Worker Visa

Canada’s rapid-growing economy has seen a rise in the creation of several businesses in many of Canada’s territories and provinces. With this growth comes the need for valuable, skilled workers with post-secondary education and can handle essential business responsibilities.  

The Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) was created as an avenue to bring qualified, skilled workers from other countries into Canada to fill these positions. The FSWP also grants these workers and their families access to work (work permit) until their permanent residency is granted.

Canada also accepted 240,000 candidates into the skilled worker program in the year 2019. Thirty-eight thousand of these applicants were issued permanent residency through the program, with the majority of them having secured a job in the country before being given.

Our certified consultants at CISdesk will help you with your application for a Canadian Visa through this program. They will also work with you towards securing a job. 

Working Holiday Visa

Working Holiday Visa

Taking a break never seemed so incredible with this Canada visa. If you are looking for a way to work and still see the sights during your vacation, then the Canada Working Holiday Visa is for you.

The International Experience Canada (IEC) provides an avenue where young individuals aged 18 to 35 can visit Canada and work for up to 24 months during their holiday. However, applicants can only work for as long as their approved visa allows. 

Our consultants at CISdesk are ready to help you with your Visa application and processing.

Business Visa Investor Visa

Business & Investor Visa

Canadian Government created the Canada business and investor visa to invite business owners and investors to start their business and/or invest in the Canadian economy. This visa also makes it easy to access the many government grants and tax credits available for companies and investors.

The Business & Investor Visa creates an opportunity for job creation for the economy graduates and has a list of requirements for its applicants.

Our experienced consultants at CISdesk understand all the requirements for this visa and help you journey to financial satisfaction. 

Student Visa

Student Visa

The Canada Student Visa is one of the most sought-after student visas in the world. Home to top-ranking universities, a certificate from one of Canada’s universities opens you to many opportunities both in Canada and in other countries.

The Student Visa (Study Permit) also makes it very easy for you to become a permanent Canadian resident after you graduate. In addition, Canada provides a Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) to help immigrants for the Study Visa stay and work in Canada after they graduate.

Our consultants at CISdesk are happy to talk to you about the Student visa and help you with your application. Talk to us now.

Provincial Nominee Program

Provincial Nominee Program

Apart from the powers of the Canadian government to provide Visa programs, Canada’s provinces are also given the ability to extend visas to businesses and investors. This visa allows them to live, set-up, and invest in a particular region.

The Provincial nominee program is the only visa program where you don’t apply to. You can only use to be included in the pool of candidates to be nominated for the program. Only when you are selected can you finally apply for that visa.

Each territory or province in Canada has a different requirement for its applicants, which can change without notice to the applicants. The majority of applicants awarded this visa have secured a job in these provinces.

Our consultants at CISdesk are well-informed and understand the requirements of each of the Canadian provinces for the PNP Visa. Talk to us now.