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Meet our RCIC and Legal Team

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CISdesk immigration Consulting services are headed by a Canadian immigration lawyer and RCIC agent licensed by the CICC; the college of immigration and citizenship consultants in Canada.

Our RCIC also assists Canadian companies in overcoming labor shortage by utilizing Provincial Nominee Programs, ESDC foreign worker programs, and various international trade agreements such as NAFTA, GATS, and IEC. This shows in our record of over 2000 successful immigrants to Canada.

Our RCIC consultant has successfully represented numerous individuals, families, and businesses on immigration, refugee, and citizenship matters with a wealth of knowledge, experience, and rich history in Canadian Immigration and citizenship law policies. This fueled her passion for delivering successful results in all her activities and helping immigrants move to Canada successfully.

Working with our leading RCIC agent will leave you assured that your entire immigration process is in the best hands.

The multiple advantages of working with our registered RCIC include:

  • Direct communication with the Canadian government on your behalf.
  • Providing professional consultation regarding your immigration or citizenship options.
  • Assistance in finding the most suitable immigration program for you and your family.
  • Assistance preparing and submitting your immigration or citizenship application.
  • Representing you at your immigration or citizenship application hearing.

CISdesk is very dedicated to making sure that all our clients’ immigration processes are successful.

Meet the Head of Our legal team

Canadian Immigration Lawyer

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Jonatan Zahav


Jonatan Zahav is the Head of the Legal Team and a member of the Ontario Bar. Jonatan was called to the bar over 30 years ago. He has worked in law and business, including banking, and for the past four years in immigration. He has an office in his hometown of Peterborough, Ontario.

A graduate of the University of Toronto Law, he has intimate knowledge of immigration, having lived in 6 countries and experienced fresh starts many times in his life.

Rashim Kalia - RCIC Agent

RCIC Agent


Rashim Kalia


Rashim Kalia has been working in the immigration sector for over 10 years.

She assisted clients from around the world with express entries, visitor visas, student visas, work permits, spousal sponsorship, and many other programs. 

She is very passionate about immigration, and aims to put her vast knowledge into practice to help our clients achieve their immigration goals successfully. 

The pathways to Canada can be complicated and confusing. She can help you find the best way.