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Canada ranks highly on the list of LGBT-friendly Countries

Why Canada ranks highly on the list of LGBT-friendly Countries? 

Many of us take for granted living freely with comfort and safety. Finding the right blend of comfort, safety, and opportunity in their country of choice is difficult for many immigrants who don’t want to be judged on their lifestyle.

Today, choosing the correct country that accepts you as you are and backs it up by supporting your choices with the laws in place and actions of the residents are crucial factors for numerous LGBT+ immigrants that aim to build better lives for themselves and their loved ones. 

Though there are many reasons to choose Canada, here are reasons why Canada is ranked high on the list of the most LGBT+-friendly countries in the world.

1. Recognizes same-sex relationships

The most challenging factor for the LGBT+ community is living in countries that don’t recognize same-sex relationships. Canada’s Parliament implemented same-sex marriage under the Civil Marriage Act in 2005 across the country, but many provinces and territories had already identified it. This instantly made Canada one of the most sought-after countries for members of the LGBT+ community.

2. Allows Adoption

Canada has established numerous laws to support families and encourage adoption practices country-wide. Since British Columbia established the first same-sex adoption practice in 1996, all provinces and territories currently practice same-sex adoption processes.
In some instances, Canada grants parental status to three or more intentional parents, making it more appealing to queer and Trans families.

3. Strong anti-discriminatory stance

Canada has a no-tolerance policy against discrimination. The country firmly stands by the rule that every person has the right to equal benefits of the law. To back it up, the government has enacted human rights acts against discrimination and harassment.
This has instantly made it the preferred destination for many LGBT+ members and ranks it high on the list of the friendliest countries.

4. Forbids Hate speech and propaganda

Hate speech against a certain race, sex, gender, or sexual orientation makes them uncomfortable. This can also devolve into the propaganda that threatens the lives and property of those it is targeted at, thereby causing trouble in the area.

To protect the lives and freedom of its residents, including the LGBT+ community, Canada’s Criminal Code expressly forbids hate speech and propaganda against certain groups to uphold the right to life and freedom across all residents in the country.

5. Criminalizes conversion therapy

Conversion therapy or abusive treatments to change the sexual orientation of LGBT+ persons have been criminalized and banned across Canada. This is backed by the law, with the most recent in 2020 in Manitoba.

This law has made Canada more appealing to prospective immigrants who are members of the LGBT+ community and friendlier to the world’s diverse people.

6. Improved Blood and tissue donation policy

Saving lives in crucial moments is as vital to the Canadian government as improving the health sector is for the country’s growth. Canada previously enacted a three-month wait period for active homosexual and bisexual men to donate blood, plasma, and other organic matter.

This policy has been improved to screen high-risk individuals and make it easy to save lives as quickly as possible.

7. Expanded intersex rights

The two generally accepted genders on official documents have made it difficult for non-binary persons to have their orientation correctly documented. Asides from the X classification for intersex people, non-binary persons can also apply to have their gender marked as X.

This appeals to many people that officially want to be recognized correctly and has increased Canada’s ranking on the list. These are some reasons why Canada is ranked high on the list of the friendliest LGBT countries in the world.

Suppose you’re considering immigrating to Canada; having the right immigration partners can make the whole process stress-free. Talk to your team today.

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