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High Demand Jobs in Canada 2022

In this article, you will learn which jobs are in high demand in Canada for 2022.

The Coronavirus pandemic dealt a massive blow to our daily lives worldwide.

Everything and every sector in the world felt the impact of the screeching halt that the lockdown had on us. With the pandemic, the lockdown, and its aftereffects, busy sectors like immigration also saw a total shutdown of operations.

Now that several countries and economies are back up and running, Canadian immigration has reopened its doors and welcomes immigrants worldwide. The business world and work-culture changes have seen a tremendous rise in the need for skilled immigrants, with Canadian employers rushing to find and fill open positions.

With over 8 million immigrants living in Canada as of 2020, and 300,000 new immigrants granted residence into the country yearly, Canada holds one of the highest rates of immigrants per population.

Currently, Canada’s warm acceptance of immigrants and its job availability of over 300,000 positions make it one of the most preferred destinations for immigration.

The need for immigrants to fill the positions of skilled and semi-skilled workers is currently so high that the CRS Score and requirements are at an all-time low to encourage immigrants.

Additionally, the Canadian government has also jacked up their number of invitations per draw. This is shown in the record-making 200,000 applications drawn by the IRCC in one shot.

If your applications and qualifications have constantly challenged your plans for immigration to Canada, this is the right time to immigrate to Canada successfully.

However this opportunity may seem right now, note that it may not last for long as Canadian immigration continuously changes, updates, and adjustments to her immigration rules.

Take advantage of the current trends by contacting a representative from CISDesk to help you with everything you need to immigrate to Canada.

Here are nine In-demand jobs in Canada for you, whether you are a skilled or semi-skilled applicant.

Driver: Average salary of $53,000

The Coronavirus and the subsequent lockdown restricted movements across Canada. Because of this, online purchases and deliveries saw an increase in numbers. Many residents and businesses have also switched to remote working even after the lifted lockdown. There is a high demand for drivers in Canada to deliver food, groceries, online packages, or any other supplies requested. 

Retail and Restaurant Managers: Average salary of $73,000

Food orders and deliveries are on the rise with new remote working conditions. Canada has a huge demand for retail and restaurant managers to keep up with the successful requests. The need for these managers is high in specific Canadian areas such as British Columbia, which has created a separate PNP to fill these positions.

Healthcare workers: Average salary of $72,000

The pandemic caused the deficiencies of the healthcare system in terms of registered healthcare workers to be visible. It also draws the attention of the Canadian government to the importance of investing in Canada’s healthcare system.

With over 60,000 jobs available for healthcare workers, Canada actively recruits to fill these job openings.

Financial advisers and accountants: Average salary of $70,000

The pandemic hit many households adversely. With many people losing their jobs and paying more attention than ever to their finances, the need for financial advisers and accountants to give professional guidance in Canada is also at an all-time high.

Human Resources Personnel: Average salary of $70,000

Due to the high number of layoffs during the pandemic and the subsequent rise in hiring capabilities across all industries once the lockdown was eased, the HR field will get busier with vetting, interviewing, and hiring skilled employees across Canada.

Thinking of putting your HR skills to work in Canada, talk to CISDesk to start your immigration process.

Software Developers: Average salary of $75,000

Since the pandemic reshaped the business culture, many businesses and brands have switched to an optimized way of doing business from home. Because of the rise in the website and mobile apps, software developers are in high demand to meet the need for online-only business models growth. Areas of Canada like British Columbia have made the pilot program for software developers a permanent one, meaning that software developers will always be needed.

Customer service representatives: Average salary of $45,000

Shopping and selling from home have never been at an all-time high. Since the work culture has shifted to remote working conditions, the need for excellent customer service representatives to serve as a welcoming voice is at an all-time high.

Construction laborer: Average salary of $70,000

Laborers are always in demand in Canada. This stems from Canada’s continuous and amicable open immigration policy for immigrants and residents. Both individuals and businesses always need a place to reside and set up their businesses. This is why positions such as Construction laborers will always be in demand because Canada needs skilled people with tools.

Electrical Engineers: Average salary of $91,000

Just as construction laborers serve a crucial role, electrical engineers are wholly responsible for keeping control of an essential part of the economy. From being able to construct and test electrical systems to ensuring the safety of its operations, electrical engineers are always in demand.

Before the pandemic, Canada had more stringent requirements and rules for immigration. But now, the government has relaxed the rules to ensure that its economy can benefit from skilled and semi-skilled workers looking to make better lives for themselves.

Take the first step into starting your life anew in Canada. Talk to CISDesk’s immigration advisors to determine which pathway is right for your successful immigration to Canada.

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