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Submission to Pool

The submission of an applicant to the pool of skilled candidates is a better way to increase the chances of the applicant having an approved immigration status to Canada. However, this process also needs the full cooperation of the applicant and the CISdesk registered consultant.

It also presents a better chance of successful immigration for many prospective immigrants.


Immigrating to Canada is a strenuous process. You would have to make enough points and compete with other applicants from different countries to be accepted. After successful immigration, you will have to live in a different atmosphere than you are used to while trying to thrive and build a life for yourself.

The fact that Canada mostly accepts applicants that have already secured a job stems from one reason. These immigrants adapt better. In Canada’s over 30 years of immigration experience, the government has found out that applicants who have secured a job on arrival adapt better in society, both financially and culturally.

About the Canadian Immigration system

1- The Canadian immigration system changes quickly concerning applicant eligibility. It is impossible to completely assure a client that they will always be eligible to immigrate to Canada. This is because the Canadian government always changes its eligibility requirements and criteria.

2- Due to the shortage of skilled workers in the Canadian economy, the Canadian government is very welcoming to skilled workers worldwide to help fill vacant positions in the Canadian industries and provinces.

3- Canada has a very high population of aged residents and citizens, all of who have gradually been phased from the workforce, which has opened up numerous positions around the country. This has resulted in a continuous need for immigrants.

4- A job offer by a Canadian employer is set as the main criterion for the qualification of applicants for numerous immigration projects and initiatives. Extensive knowledge and understanding of the system and a decent budget will go a long way for selecting professionals that understand the procedure and can make an applicant’s immigration successful.

About our Customers profile

1- An understanding of the dynamic immigration system is necessary for all our clients. It would be best to understand that changes in the immigration system could occur without prior notice that may cause your application process to decelerate.

2- Our clients must genuinely desire to immigrate to Canada. You must be willing to dedicate the time and resources required for the entire immigration process, no matter how long it may be.

3- Our clients must understand that the immigration process may take a long time, but once you are granted permanent residency, it is, in most cases, valid for a lifetime.

4- Our immigration experience has shown us that when our clients are committed to the process and are in for the long haul, they will realize their immigration dream.


Our Product

1- Our agents will expose our client’s immigration profile to many Canadian employers in the Canadian market, and these profiles will be renewable every year if it needs to be renewed.

2- For as long as we exist, we will continue to offer a lifetime international staffing and job search in Canada. This ensures that our clients always have access to beneficial jobs for their permanent residency application and their financial status. As well, these products are offered to build healthier immigration profiles that achieve their immigration goals.

3- We also provide continuous legal advice service where we advocate strongly for our clients’ profiles to the employers and convince the employer to support the client’s application.

4- Commencing the permanent residency application on behalf of the client once a formal invitation has been issued by the government and received.

5- The products we offer are a lump-sum agreement.


Our Process

1- Once your profile is submitted, we assess your raised profile to determine how easy it will be for you to secure a job. This process includes assessing your education, work experience, skills, language proficiency, age, and many other aspects of immigration to ensure that your profile is attractive to Canadian employers. Once you are committed to the immigration process, we start working with you to build an attractive profile.

2- You will begin to collect all the necessary information and documents needed to build your professional profile. The data collected will be used in your job search and, when a job is secured, the immigration process.

3- You, through our registered immigration consultant, will submit your profile to the federal government pool of selected skilled worker candidates and await your selection.

4- The various benefits of joining the pool of selected candidates include:

  • Your professional profile will be exposed to many Canadian employers through a job bank, ensuring that your profile is available and accessible.
  • Exposure of your profile to all the provinces ensures that you have a chance of being invited by one of the regions.
  • Commitment to the immigration journey. Once you join a pool, you are more invested in the journey and follow your desired immigration process.
  • It shows commitment to a prospective employer as well. When you are committed to the process, from the application, documentation, and joining a pool, an interview with a Canadian employer can quickly become a temporary work permit or a permanent residency.
  • Being able to join a pool of selected candidates means that the Canadian government thinks you have the skills needed in the economy. When you enter a pool, you are exposed to the Canadian system tools and facilities to help you maximize your selection chances. If you are not selected for your first application, you are encouraged to be more active to improve your profile and work towards securing a job offer.

5- When you provide all your necessary documents and information, a total ranking score (CRS) is assigned. Then you can start working with our registered consultants to ensure that you are selected by either the federal government or the provincial government or that you secure a job offer.

6- After selection or securing a job offer, you will arrive in any of the following streams:

  • Federal Government Invitation
  • Provincial Government Invitation
  • Job offer, a private-sector employer
  • Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
  • Regional Pilot project

Job Offer

 Securing a job offer in Canada is essential to gaining a quick entry into the country, but how easy is it to get a job offer from a Canadian business or organization?

Whenever you think of moving to Canada, and you need a fast and sure way to get into the country, gaining employment is an effective way of doing so because your profile is suddenly boosted by something the Canadian government finds attractive. An employer.

Canadian businesses power the economy. This is why the system has been tailored towards making a preference towards applicants with a valid job offer because it serves as a source of security to the immigrant and the government.

Most of the programs are also heavily dependent on having a job offer from a Canadian business. It has also served as the primary criteria for being eligible, which means that you cannot be selected if you don’t have a job offer.

The Canadian government understands that the talent and successes of an applicant in their home country cannot wholly guarantee his or her adaptability in Canada. 25% of permanent status residents have been known to relinquish this status and go back to their home countries because thriving in the Canadian economy proved challenging for them.

Being able to secure a job in Canada, whether in the country or your home country, takes a lot of patience and drive. It also shows that the applicant has skills or talent beneficial to the employer and can be groomed into being a perfect fit for the business position. The government also assumes that if one employer can recognize your skills and is willing to hire you, other employers can hire you.

Being able to speak the required language is also a big bonus when applying for jobs in Canada.

What do our customers think about our product?

1- They have found a full-service Canadian immigration service that can help them successfully immigrate to Canada.

2- They found a service that seeks to understand their goals, answers any questions they have, and guides each stage of the application process.

3- That they feel a sense of belonging and safety that our service gives them the confidence that they need to continue on their immigration journey

To whom we do not recommend using our product

1- Prospective immigrants who do not understand that the immigration process is not fixed and can take a long time before their application finally succeeds.

2-Prospective immigrants who are easily deterred by the hurdles in the process and quickly give up. This shows that they are not committed to the entire process.

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