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Top 20 High-Paying Jobs in Canada

In this article, you will learn about the top 20 high-paying jobs in Canada. Moving to Canada is a massive step for anyone. It becomes more daunting when you want to move to Canada with your family. Providing and ensuring your financial safety and security will become more critical with each passing day.

Though the Canadian government requires proof of funds when immigrating to Canada to ensure that you and your beneficiaries or dependents can live for a period of time, these funds can be quickly depleted while spending only on living expenses.

The need to find a job that pays well enough for you and your family becomes very important. When looking for a career path, that is, if you don’t have a job secured before immigrating, you need to know the salary or wages different jobs in Canada pays.

 According to Canada Business’ yearly research of the top 10 highest paying jobs, this list of High-paying Canadian jobs in 2019 will help you decide:

Utility manager

It isn’t surprising that the utility manager is the highest on the top high-paying jobs in Canada list. The Utility manager helps audit operations ensure that utilities are provided to businesses and residents at the lowest available cost.

With Canada’s ever-growing population, the utility manager is a crucial part of the economy as the duties help keep utility operations in check.

Public Administration director

In a country as vast as Canada, the public administration director’s position is crucial to each province or territory. The public administration director implements the government’s initiatives that impact the community at different levels.

The Public Administration director ensures that all the government policies are implemented to ensure smooth coordination between all the provinces and territories.

Engineering manager

Canada’s crude oil deposits make the engineering manager a well-paid and crucial position in the economy. He ensures that all men and machinery are functioning at optimal capacity and make an informed decision on any activities that have to do with his expertise.

The engineering manager position will always be in demand, as it is necessary to continue the Canadian mining industry.

Nurse practitioner

With the government-funded healthcare system Canada has, the nurse practitioner job becomes a well-paid career path. Taking care of any patient that comes into hospitals and ensuring that all their needs are met is the job.

Nurse practitioners also became more in demand with the pandemic outbreak, which caused the need for nurses to treat and take care of the infected.

Scientific Research Manager

Studying diseases and infections, understanding them, and searching for a cure are all the duties of a Scientific Research manager. Just like other medical fields on the list, it is a well-paid job position.

The Canadian government understands the impact of new, aggressive diseases that could threaten the lives of its residents. The scientific research manager plays a crucial position in preventing and understanding new diseases.


As easy as the profession may be, the dentist is one of the highest-paid jobs in Canada. As a result, dental health awareness has seen a rise and has caused many residents in Canada to be more conscious about the state of their dental health.

Dentistry covers all ages from childhood to adulthood, which makes them always needed and well-paid in Canada.

Power Systems electrician

Adequate electrical supply is at the forefront of developed countries, and Canada takes this very seriously. The power systems electrician responds swiftly to any power failures and difficulties, which makes it a high-paid profession in a highly-populated and immigration-friendly country like Canada.

The power systems electrician will always be in demand because of the need for stable and constant electricity.

Mining and Quarrying Supervisor

Canada is rich in mineral resources. From crude oil to diamonds, there is a need for mining and quarrying supervisors to oversee the mining and quarrying processes.

In an extremely profitable resource mining and theft industry, there needs to be a supervisor who keeps a strict eye on his workers and makes sure that all materials mined are correctly documented. 

Construction managers

Jobs in construction will always be high-paying and in demand due to the high number of immigrants.  There is a need for proper buildings of houses, businesses, and many other infrastructures that will improve the Canadian economy.

Construction of infrastructures will always be needed in Canada, and so will construction managers.

Pipe-fitting Supervisor

Pipe-fitting supervisors are also part of the highest-paid professions. In relation to construction managers, pipe-fitting supervisors are always in demand due to the large number of constructions in each province or territory.

If you are a skilled worker in any of the above professions, then you have nothing to worry about when you immigrate to Canada. Furthermore, since you have a skill that is always in demand and is a high-paying job, your financial situation will be taken care of.

Other high-paying jobs in Canada include:

  • Medical Microbiologist
  • Ophthalmologist
  • Pediatrician
  • Obstetrician and Gynecologist
  • Oncologist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Business Analysts
  • Business management consultants
  • YouTuber
  • Instagram Influencers
  • Medical Microbiologist

Medical Microbiologists are scientists that focus on infectious diseases and how to stop them from spreading. Medical microbiologists are well-paid, solitary jobs, so if you like being alone, studying, and learning, this job is for you.

  • Ophthalmologist

The eyes are essential organs of sight, and taking care of the eyes has always been important to every person. As an ophthalmologist in Canada, you will be treating kids and adults alike, which makes it a high-paying job.

As a private optician, you get paid more than when you work for someone or in public practice.

  • Pediatrician

Child care has always been an essential part of Canada. If you want to meet, understand, and help kids while you have a pediatric degree, working as a pediatrician will is a good option.

  • Obstetrician and Gynecologist

In Canada, to make money as an OBGYN, is solely dependent on where you live and whether you work in a hospital or a private practice. However, obstetricians and Gynecologists in Canada can make a lot of money due to foreign pregnant mothers giving birth in Canada and gaining dual citizenship for their children.

  • Oncologist

Cancer is one of the most common health concerns Canadians have, and being an oncologist means that you will have access to many clients, which means you will get paid a lot more than others.

  • Psychiatrist

Mental health is one of the most important aspects of people’s health and overall living conditions. As a psychiatrist, you will have access to many clients, and though it is one of the least paid branches of medicine, you will get paid well.

  • Business Analysts

Business Analysts are ever needed in every business because they combine financial knowledge and tech skills to provide processes that help companies to work more efficiently. The entry-level salaries are one of the best-paid in Canada.

  • Business management consultants

Businesses always need advice on how to perform more efficiently. This is why management consultants are still paid well and can also do their jobs on the side to get more income.

  • YouTuber

YouTube has become one of the highest-paying jobs around the world. As a YouTuber, you can earn significantly more than your peers in other professions and make more income through sponsorships and advertisements run on your channel for brands and businesses.

  • Instagram Influencer

Just as in YouTube, Instagram is also a platform that showcases and builds a personal brand. As an Instagram influencer, brands can pay a lot of money to have you advertise their products or services on your page. This could run into tens of thousands of dollars, depending on how many followers you have.

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